Sunday, January 29, 2017

Old but fun!

Sad story that lead to finding some old fun art! I let some people borrow a hard drive of mine and I'm sure it wasn't done on purpose, but some how anything in a subfolder was wiped =(  A ton of old artwork was on there and probably lost forever now. So I started scavenging through all my computer folders to see if I had backed any of it up. Anyway long story short, I found some old artwork I had done for a music game a few years ago and decided to post! Gives me a little piece of mind that at least some old artwork will be preserved by the internet lol

TL;DR: Found some old artwork I did for a music game and decided to share ;P


**UPDATE** More old art of mine that I found after digging lol. Uncharted was a big reference point for this one

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